Saturday, April 2, 2011

m blank

rains r no more the same
all u wanted was the fame
rain ws the time wen it felt special
n today itz raining but

the fragnance,the colour
all faded away
for rain is water
wid no frame

d feelings r still d same
bt some truths r revealed
n i cant be dumb enough
to not accept dem all thru........!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


darkness spread tight
no more hope of light
silence is only wat i hear
n datz d thing i cant bear
i dun have d courage to say more
no more feelings left inside

all i hv is pain to d core
no 1 left on my side
nt even able to express myself
no more diary writings as well

all i can do is cry by self
keeping everything to me
trying hard not to weep
ignored everybody just for u
u left me in d journey all thru
last 1 month ws like hell to me
trying hard bt still cudnt do
nothing more to say
just i cud do is pray.....!!!!!!

p.s. random...!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mumbai calling...!!

so mumbai is calling.....!!
no no mujhe nahi,,,meri saheli sneha(sepo) ko :P
yes,d most awaited,,,tcs ki joining,,,is finally here...!! u got it right this time,,,she got her joining in MUMBAI.......................................!!!!!!
well,yes....m feeling a lil low about her going,,,,,but more of it m sooooo excited. afterall, ab sepo ja rahi hai mumbai toh kabhi na kabhi toh hum bhi jaenge hi :P
vandy is toh feeling damn low about knowing this...!!

so this one's for u vandy..!!

sweetheart dun u wry...!!she is not going dat far ki we cant reach her...!! hum toh "hell" se bhi dhund laenge usse :P

n for u sepo::

all d very best darling(my better half :P )
enjoy,,live ur life,,shop alot n hv fun
we'll b there soon........................!! :D

p.s.1 luv u all n will miss u gals loads...!!
p.s.2 sami tu kyun comments padh k senti ho gyi,,,tu paas hi hai mere ;)