Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sumthingz hurt mre dan jus sayin...

kuch baatein yaad reh jati hain

chah kar bhi bhulayi nahi jati hain

kuch log hote hain dil k kareeb

vo jb tode dil,badal jata hai naseeb

dun no whether m rite r wrong

dun no wat to do n wat not 2

sum people r vry close

bt wen dey hurt us it leaves a deep impression

dun knw wat wil happen next

dun knw where wil dis lead me

but yea i rely got hurt dis tym

i rely did

wun b able 2 forget dis ever in ma lyf

itz true dear...u ver rite...

kisike liye kuch bhi kar lo

nobdy gvs a damn

hamesha kam padh hi jata hai.....


$m!k$h@ said...

cumon na bacha get over it nw...hota kabi kabi

vandy said...

who knows this better than me
"kisi k liye kuch bhi karlo,,,nobody gives a damn"

bt seems i too did that

sorry din mean to hurt u

din realize wen it turned so serious :(

sepo said...

bht thndii ho gye hai... nhi..??:P

i have to say this... i hope and believe this has nthng to do with me.i kno the msgs were related to me bt i was unaware of it all until lst nite wen u din pik up my cal :(