How 2 wear a scarf

Do Choose a Sophisticated Monochromatic Look

Tone-on-tone scarf and outfit looks work best with neutrals -- black, navy, camel, cream -- and take on a sophisticated vibe when you mix fabrics
Get This Look: Take a long scarf and hold it in front of you. Twist it a few times in the middle, then toss the ends straight over your back. Bring each end back to the front on the opposite side and leave the ends to dangle.

Don't Think a Scarf Can Save a Bad Outfit

Do Wear a Flattering Color Next to Your Face

A flattering pop of can add lots of excitement to a winter coat look.
Get This Look: Wear a long, fringed winter scarf -- in cashmere, blends, wool or knit -- tied once close to your neck to get this look.

Don't Overwhelm Your Look with a Scarf

Do Make a Scarf Your Spotlight Accessory

Do Wear a Scarf for Dressy Events

Get This Look: Use a larger scarf or shawl and toss the ends over each side. You can use a decorative brooch to keep it in place.

Don't Overaccessorize

A scarf and a floppy hat for Naomi Watts is too much of a good thing (it's only a pair of sunglasses short of looking like a disguise).
Faux Pas to Fab: Wear a smaller brimmed or knit hat with a large scarf so the two accessories don't compete with each other.

Do Try a Print Scarf

Get This Look: Loosely drape a long scarf around the front of your neck, pulling the ends over opposite sides and letting them hang free.

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