Thursday, December 9, 2010

bye bye

As always itz been long dat i wrote in here...!! :P

well i lot has happened but i just dun get time to write or in a better way i dun feel like writing much here :)

neways dis post is especially for my BEST OF BUDDIES to let dem knw how special dey r to me....!!

guys(sam,sneha,vandy) u r d best things dat hv happened to me ever....!!
i knw m going a lil far(mind u,,,LITTLE) from u guys bt c'mon guys itz US,,,n no boundary can ever ever separate us,,,,so chill guys.......!! we'll always b close at hearts no matter how far we may b......!!

i'll miss u guys so so much................!! luvya loadssss n loadssssssss.....................!!

p.s. just waiting ki tum logon ki joining bhi same jagah aa jae :D

loads of luv,hugs n kisses

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

m alone in this crowded world.....!!!!

d world seems empty
no one seems to b here.....
i wanted to b with u
but i was left alone over there....

i m in a crowded place
all there was noise....
but what has happened to me
for,,,i cudnt hear a voice....

m losing everything
everything i ever had.....
d truth is revealed
n m going mad....

d one i trusted blindly
was d one backstabbing me....
why u did this wen
i told u everything about me....

p.s. i got senti again......!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

long tym

long tym......yea i knw....i hv been apart from my blogging sessions......
well.....i dun feel like writing dese days.....itz nt dat dere is nothing 2 write bout but may b itz coz i hv started keeping things inside me again.....(thanx 2 ma frnds,,,sepo n vandy)

life has changed alot......loads f ups n downs,,,,,,happiness,,,sorrow,,,n many such feelings hv made dere home........but finally i cud say,,,,yes m happy............yes..!!! m contended......

final exams approaching(11th june),,,,,,though dere is stil tym 4 us 2 start preparing,,lollz....(we believe in last minute prepz...)......soon we'll b graduates......GRADUATE....a 8 letter word......we ver studying for 4 damn years 2 earn dis 8 letter word
it feels gud to hear dat m completing my degree bt at d same time fills my heart wid loads f memories which i wil surely miss......frndshp of some which i wil alwayz treasure...
luv u all......n m surely gonna miss u all....


Sunday, April 11, 2010

random thotz...

madham madham si yeh baarish

halki halki si hawa

na jane kya chahti hai kehna

aaj kuch toh alag baat hai

kuch toh hai naya

kuch ho gya hai mujhe

ya hai ye mausam ka nasha

pehle to akele darr lagta tha

par ab ussi akelepan se pyaar ho gya hai

sab kuch to hai wohi

phir na jane kya hua hai

kuch kami si lag rahi hai zindagi mein

kiske na hone ki yeh wajah hai

tum me kho kar sab bhul gayi main

ab kyu aage andhera sa lag raha hai

ghum sum si baithi rehti hun aajkal

sab ke hote hue bhi kho jati hun pal bhar

kya yeh tumhara nasha hai mujhe

ya tumse dur hone ka darr.............

p.s. random thoughts wich appeared....yu hii...


thanx for tagging me sneha (i insisted n forced her ,lol :P)
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? guilty
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent
Ever told a lie? Guilty
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty
Kissed a picture? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent
Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent
Held a snake? Innocent
Been suspended from school? Innocent
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent
Stolen from a store? Innocent
Been fired from a job? Innocent
Done something you regret? Guilty
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent
Kissed in the rain? Innocent
Sat on a roof top? Innocent
Kissed someone you shouldn't? Innocent
Sang in the shower? Guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent
Shaved your head? Innocent
Had a boxing membership? Innocent
Made a boyfriend cry? Innocent
Been in a band? Innocent
Shot a gun? Innocent
Donated Blood? Innocent
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent
Eaten cheesecake? Innocent
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Guilty
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty
Been too honest? Guilty
Ruined a surprise? Guilty
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent
Joined a pageant? Innocent
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty
Had communication with your ex? Innocent
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty


I would like to tag the following bloggers:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"it's coz f u dat v r still 2gather....!!"

aaah i was 2 post ds yesterrday nite bt u knw na hw big f a lazy bumm i am.....lollllzzzzzz.....
few moments ago my throat wz literally choked (not jus bcz it's really bad 4m yesterday)....n my iz went watery...i was readin d post uu md abt me...hw can i b so spl 2 u....wat in my lyf hv i done 4 u....nothin nothin at all....stl u always mk me feel lyk m so doubts abt dat newayssss....i am spl 4 u lyk d way u r 2 den i hv so many reasons.....u hv been such a gr8 support all d tymz....u hv been vd me thru evry thick n thin.....u mk me smyl baby....n wll d way u mk feel specisl abt me in an exaggerated manner....i mean i owe a hellot things 2 u.....dun wry i wont mention d list u c u hv no such reasons 2 mk me feel dat way.....u load me wid dose sweet gestures f urs......!!
............u being dere in my lyf as my bestiiiii has added a bright spot in my lyf.....everytym u cross my mind i feel hw lucky i am 2 hv u in mh lyf......
i remember our skul days.....v ver 2gather 4 not more dan 2 yrs n c such a strong bond (touchwood) has built up in b/w us....strange bt sum tymz such strange things happen 2 b d best things in ur u r f d best part f my lyf....n it was coz f ur initiative dat v still stand 2gather thru every wz u hu cald bk n asked abt wz u din mk evn a single frnd 4 a yr wen v wer apart....u acted as d glue f our bond...d most finest n purest bond....u fill ds relation vid respect,glory,fun,frolic...n everything wrth cherishing...
....ur beauty nt only outer bt also inner md ds relation d most beautiful....n i dun knw where v 'll b a yr 4m nw bt m confident 1 thing....i knw v'll b 2gather....forever n 4 always.....!!
i hv much much 2 write i cant stop cryin at d moment which z worsenin my i wont end up without tellin u sumthing dat i dun tell u very often.....u r sunshine f my lyf honey n i love u(hey nt literally)...!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


cOne thing which I realised while in the process of writing this post was that, its damn difficult to write about people who you soo well that it becomes difficult to decide where to start from, what all to include ......

One such person in my life is EKU alas EKSHA ARORA. I was supposed to write this post long ago, but just could find the right words. Then I thought before I get murdered (by eku) it’s better to start writing the post the best way I can. So here I start....

We always share things whatever they maybe.... a new heard/discovered gaali, or a new fashion trend or a new book or technology or HELL just about anything and everything. Though she sometimes hides things from me, giving me a “tu toh jaise saare baattein batate hai mujhe”. But yea sooner or later she does tell me the thing. We are always heading each other on matter of insulting. Calling each other names which an outsider would blush after hearing (devil smile) and making fun of each other. We think that’s what TRUE FRIENDSHIP is all about. Making life hell for each other (lol).But always ready to defend / break head of any person who dares to do that to any of us. Our frequency of talking, our thoughts are always the same. Thinking the same things always and saying the same things always (err well not always *wink*).

Eku is sometimes more like a bodyguard to me or to state in milder terms THE BIG SISTER to me. Protecting me, dictating to me who to talk to who not to talk to. “sepo tujhe pta bhi chalta hai kuch”. “dimag naa tera satka hua hai”. "saali usko number kyu diya apna". "dheere dheere kyu chalti hai...ladke dekhte rehte hai".And when I rebel... “tere bhalaye ke liye he keh rhe hu”. I laugh my a** out hearing her dialogues. Though sometimes it does get bugging (sorry). But then she is that caring to not only me but all her friends. Always ready to do anything for all her friends (and sometimes people who are not friends too). She literally has a heart of gold (hmm thoda zada ho gya.. nhi..?). But on a serious note this is one quality of her’s which I absolutely adore her for, the fact that she pampers her friends like anything. Love you sweets, for making us all feel so special.

Eku has this bad habit of trusting people so easily that they start dancing on her head (literally). Give her a person, a brief introduction and within a few minutes that person would have known 70% things about her, her life, her family.....She is soo talkative and does not realise all that she talks about when she starts. Her life is an open book..... And she gets hurt soo easily and on those things which have the least amount of probability of affecting her (or so we think...!).Full of surprises this girl is....!!

Just wanna say dear, love you just the way you are. Whenever you feel down and out or upset and teary or happy and excited or when you just don’t feel anything....

You are one of the most special people I have in my life or perhaps the most special (big grin)...!! (And a wink.) .Moreover you are one of the very few people’s I share things with and feel comfortable to talk about anything under the big blue sky....!!!
With lots of love n good wishes

Sunday, March 7, 2010

post i wrote 4 sepo's blog...

1st day at college....
we had decided to meet in d college campus first n den wil go 2gether 4 d class....well...u must b thinkin itz our first meetin n already decided...!!!! contradictory it seemz.....!! well...let me tel u sumthin more bout us den...well i hv seen dis pretty gal(r snow white) in my coachin classes(MMC) and it wsnt dat i spotted her dere aise hi but actually dis is a completely different story..wich m sure sepo wud nt want me 2 discuss i better nt dare 2 do so in her
ok so i knew her....actually only by face pehle til a family frnd f mine tld me bout dis is again a story....huhh......loads f stories behind me n sepo knwin each oder.....but dis one is rely interestin n sepo luvz dis...(hope so..)....he(my family frnd) tld me dat dere is a gal named sneha( uff sepo) who is wid me in mmc n even stayz near my house...i mean he gv so much f details bout her along wid makin me realise how dumb i ws.....he ws lyk....u dun no nethin....she stays near by.....even gv me a rough idea n sector....she is wid u in MMC....she studies in XYZ school...did her 10th coachin 4m bla bla......pheewww.....!!! i thot how come i dun knw her wen he ws stressin on my head dat i do...i knocked each corner f my brain 2 get a clue....n it...recalled a gal in MMC....oh yes....she ws d gal....sneha....!!
cmin back 2 d college premises.....
we had decided 2 she(sepo) ws waitin 4 me wid another frnd(sepo's darling in d registration block.....n here another frnd(whom i had talked before a day 4 goin 2 college n all discussions) introduced me wid dis ws our first meetin...a vry formal 1.....
n we r.......d mad 1's.....sharin almost any damn stupid silly topic wid each oder......
3 cheers 4 r frndship....hip hip hurray...!! hip hip hurray...!! hip hip hurray...!!
actually we deserve
luv ya loads n loads...

p.s.: actually guyz n gals...dere is 1 mre story bout us.....lots f coincidences involved....we had already met lot many tymz in our childhood but didnt knw den....we came 2 knw bout dis in i guess 2nd r 3rd year of college....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

From Vandy..........

A strange part of human behavior is that, even if they are 101% sure about something still they want confirmation. Likewise, I always knew that I’m one of the best buddies of Eko but still when I got a tangible proof (take it guys,,I suck at this,,I mean choosing right word), I was in seventh heaven & since I’m a senior in blogger (ahhh,,,,it feels good to say that ) and writing is my main domain (well,,,everyone is becoming a writer these days,,,so it doesn’t matter) so I’m first to do this honor.

Now coming to the topic,,,,Eko,,,,,hmmmm,,,,,,well what to say about her????

Eko is a good girl & she lives in………………………???????????? no definite answer :D

Okay,,,,jokes apart,,,Eko is really a nice girl though I doubt her being a human!!

I mean her frequency is too large/big/whatever for a human, be it her talking speed, her driving speed, her grasping power, the intensity with which she hits & of course the intensity with which she loves.

She really makes you feel like a princess or a prince,,,,if you happen to be her friend but yeah,,,she really irritates you like hell sometimes,,,teasing you & all. You really need to be very careful in handling her,,,,as this little creature is too sensitive,,,well you can handle that much when in return you are getting so much love.

Forgot to mention,,,,she’s our little fashion diva having world’s cutest smile. Little because agar yeh zaida kha le toh isse chad jati hai,,,like people behave after they are drunk so we prefer ki yeh zaida na khaye :D

She does everything in extremes.

It was first impression of her on me & she still retains the same :D

Initially I thought this girl is a complete psycho & I still think so :D

I can feel the pain in advance that I’ll experience when she hits me after reading this :D

It will get personal now but without getting personal I won’t be able to explain the kind of relationship we share.

Hey hey hey,,,hang on for a minute there,,,,we both are straight.

Okay let me take you one year back




We had this hello hi kind of friendship,,,,once we went together for a shopping spree,,,hmmm,,,,,maybe once or twice we chatted on orkut,,,oh yeah,,,we wrote testimonials for each other & once I was literally shocked when Eko told me that she & her someone special were talking about me. Me????? Why???? Though it felt nice,but still why??,,,maybe I’m that famous,,,,but still why me???

Answer I got in detail after a few months,,,,,,it was that answer or maybe something else that brought us together,,,,since then we are like,,,,like,,,,like???? Whatever,,,,can’t think of appropriate word here.

Months after,,,,days went gloomy for us but our friendship got stronger .

Happy days are back again & our friendship is even more stronger,,,,touch wood to that.

Less than one year and….

Millions of smiles…..

A little less cries…..

A little less parties……..

A little less shopping sprees……

More of fun……

Even more care…..

And loads of love………….

hope we'll remain friends for life!!!!

with loads of love


P.S. I LOVE YOU CHUTKI,,,,,muwaaahhhhhhhhhhh


hey frndz.....
invited around 6 of my frndz to contribute in my blog....
actually i get too lazy sumtimes 2 write here but d work must go ab employees hire kar rahi
letz c koun pehle join karta hai n koun pehle start karta hai apna kaam...
c'mon guyz n galz....start d task now....hehe....
do write guyz....


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sumthingz hurt mre dan jus sayin...

kuch baatein yaad reh jati hain

chah kar bhi bhulayi nahi jati hain

kuch log hote hain dil k kareeb

vo jb tode dil,badal jata hai naseeb

dun no whether m rite r wrong

dun no wat to do n wat not 2

sum people r vry close

bt wen dey hurt us it leaves a deep impression

dun knw wat wil happen next

dun knw where wil dis lead me

but yea i rely got hurt dis tym

i rely did

wun b able 2 forget dis ever in ma lyf

itz true dear...u ver rite...

kisike liye kuch bhi kar lo

nobdy gvs a damn

hamesha kam padh hi jata hai.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


m happy....atleast more dan before

feelin gud happy somethin more

some kinda f mixed feelingz r around

some makin me happy n oderz make me go round

friendz r bck but somethin is stil missin

n datz y me pissin

at an instant sab kuch kharab ho jata hai

n another instant sab kuch theek...

but before i cud enjoy dat 'sab kuch' theek feelin

everythin getz entangled again

uff...wat shud i do....wat i shudnt

it seemz lyk a visicious cycle

jo theek hota hai phir kharab hone ke liye

n vice-versa....

Friday, February 19, 2010

feelin lonely.....

want 2 express ma feelin

but m nt able 2...

want 2 say u sumthin

but m nt able 2...

everthin is same,everythin seems rite

is it ma fate to suffer thru dis feelin everytime

or is it ur wil 2 destroy me...

ws dis ma destiny

or u made it mine...

i ws nt d sme wen i met u

but u made me lyk dis...

i wantd 2 fly high above d sky

bt it is nt d case now...

now i jus want 2 b wid u

share sum tym wid u

especially wen m feelin low

but i dun no is it a coincident dat u r always bsy

or din wantd 2 talk...

itz true dat wenever m feelin low

i blame u...i try 2 gather all negative vibes around me..

but i cant help..

coz u hv gvn me a reason 4 dat...

P.S.: i dun no wat hv i jus feelin pata nahi kya likha hai...

Friday, February 12, 2010

GAL n guyz: frndz: huhh.....

CAN A GAL and A BOY be frndz...
now datz a question which still hasnt got a satisfactory answer yet...some feel yes n some no....
loads f arguments,fightz n misunderstandingz hv been created by dis statement....i alwayz thot y people r so double minded bout dis issue....itz a simple question wid a much simpler answer: YES....i mean watz d problem f a boy n a gal r frndz.....dey definitely cn.....even i had loads f ma frndz who r guyz....n seriously tellin 4m ma perception....guyz prove 2 b much better frndz dan gals.....
i ws in complete agreement dat a gal n a guy can b frndz...gud frndz...infact best frndz....
but even i m lyk confused bout d same.....n dis is coz i hv came across so many instances...
some f dem are: (all dese r true)
1. a gal had a bf....another guy who used 2 say dat dis gal is her best frnd....fell in luv wid her knwin all bout her n her bf....she tried a lot 2 handle d frndship but guess frndship wsnt left at all.
2. a gal n a guy were 2gether 4m startin f d coll....dey were lyk best buddies...(as dey used 2 say..n oderz used 2 say shit...oderz r sick i knw..)dey used 2 talk on fone...d gal fell in luv wid dat guy....
3. a gal n a guy became frndz....simple frndz...misd callz....msgz....started talkin on fone...shared everythin.....all d past history...likes..dislikes...crushezzz.......everythin....became vry close frndz...fell in luv....
4. a gal n guy frndz...gud frndz...guy fell in luv wid dat gal....
5. a gal n guy lyk best buddies but guy fell in luv wid her...(though he ws comitted...on d verge f breakup)
n d list is endless.......
though i dun completely even disagree.....i stil hv frndz who r guyz...but vry few f dem r lyk rely gud frndz f mine n whom i can trust upon....
actually at present i can recall only 1 such frnd.....i wud rather call him bebo(coz i hv dedicated dis bebo song 2 is 1 such guy frnd f mine who is vry close n whom i trust(though we dun talk dat much wid each oder but stil we cme 2 knw if d oder 1 is upset)....n whom i nvr wanna lose in lyf...
but d above cases hv made me 2 think once bout d same.....can a gal n a boy be gud frndz...??

p.s.: i still hv faith.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

in continuation 2 d previous post

some more styles....

How 2 wear a scarf

Do Choose a Sophisticated Monochromatic Look

Tone-on-tone scarf and outfit looks work best with neutrals -- black, navy, camel, cream -- and take on a sophisticated vibe when you mix fabrics
Get This Look: Take a long scarf and hold it in front of you. Twist it a few times in the middle, then toss the ends straight over your back. Bring each end back to the front on the opposite side and leave the ends to dangle.

Don't Think a Scarf Can Save a Bad Outfit

Do Wear a Flattering Color Next to Your Face

A flattering pop of can add lots of excitement to a winter coat look.
Get This Look: Wear a long, fringed winter scarf -- in cashmere, blends, wool or knit -- tied once close to your neck to get this look.

Don't Overwhelm Your Look with a Scarf

Do Make a Scarf Your Spotlight Accessory

Do Wear a Scarf for Dressy Events

Get This Look: Use a larger scarf or shawl and toss the ends over each side. You can use a decorative brooch to keep it in place.

Don't Overaccessorize

A scarf and a floppy hat for Naomi Watts is too much of a good thing (it's only a pair of sunglasses short of looking like a disguise).
Faux Pas to Fab: Wear a smaller brimmed or knit hat with a large scarf so the two accessories don't compete with each other.

Do Try a Print Scarf

Get This Look: Loosely drape a long scarf around the front of your neck, pulling the ends over opposite sides and letting them hang free.

P.S.: ws jus surfin d latest across dis...liked it so thot f puttin it n ma blog....

lub ju teddy...!!

i luv ma teddy very much....


short n sweet....

Monday, February 8, 2010

another poem 4 sepo.....

(dis ws gv 2 her as a hard copy along wid d pics...)

so wat do u expect dis day
sum surprises 2 come ur way...
not much is wat i can do
but yea a poem is watz goin in thru...
sum words 4 us dat r best
wich wil do all d rest...
r friendship wil stay long
lyk weeds,rocks n dirty socks...
frequency matchin is pact
but r meetin is indeed a fact...
we ver destined 2 meet
2 make life a treat....
on dis special day m
standing by ur side,
wishing u thru d day

poem 4 u sepo....

(9th feb......dun forget..)
dis 1's u for you sepo.....

You are friendly, kind and caring
Sensitive, loyal and understanding
Humorous, fun, secure and true
Always there... yes that's you.

Special, accepting, exciting and wise
Truthful and helpful, with honest eyes
Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright
Yes that's you... not one bit of spite.

You're one of a kind, different from others
Generous, charming, but not one that smothers
Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game
But not just another... in the long chain.

Appreciative, warm and precious like gold
Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old
You'll always be there, I know that is true
I'll always be here... always for you.

a very happy birthday again...


Thursday, February 4, 2010


poem especially 4 u jiju....

on dis special day i wud luv 2 tel u dis,
dat u r sum1 who hs made r lyfz go bliss....
u r d one who cn do wonders,
jus by d smile 1 surrenders...
d personality,d style,d attribute,
everything is wat contribute....
4m d 1st day til now,
every1 cud simply say wow.....

may god grant u a living faith dat has no doubt
a brilliant light within,dat will shine out....
others,ur gud works,may clearly see,
and glorify a wise divinity....

We give thanks to god for allowing our paths to cross,
You have blessed us in so many ways and in such
a short time.....
May God continue to shine through you and bless you with
many more years as we count it a privilege and honor to wish you
"A Happy Birthday".........

me n my bestii

i hv been thinkin lots bout d 1 special post 2 start f wid....n ofcourse wat cud b more special den ur loving bestii....i mean "best friend"....

dis 1 goes specially 4 u bestii.........

well,d idea bout dis came 2 ma mind while reading a novel...dere ver 2 guyz viru n yogi who ver lyk alwayz 2gether...4 dem it ws riten "dey both compliment each oder"...n dis line at once ringed d ws so coz 1 f our friend(we often cal him "lee") alwayz used 2 say dat we(me n ma bestii)compliment each i decided 2 start up wid us....
well r story is a lil diff 4m oderz....u all hv a best frnd wid whom u share everything n anything........who s always wid u....bla bla bla...........but me n ma besti ver far apart 4m each oder.......n dis is d real essence 4 r frindshp...

we met in clas 3..yea u rite...lil enough 2 understand nethin....we ver 2gether in clas 3 n 4....dat is 4 2 years......n actually 4 ONLY 2 years.....dis lil childhood tym ws so precious n unforgettable........dis ws d tym wen d tender buds f r frndshp ver born........i stil rememba,wen i used 2 cal her...i usually talkd wid her parents n hung up d cal....i mean d bond ws so much special dat it ws even b/w r family z (even though dey hv hardly met)....
after ma clas dad shiftd me 2 cbse board skool....n i unfortunately hd 2 part ways 4m ma bestii.........but no no......i ws nt dat kind f a person....who met people....spend wonderful tymz n move on....!! i tried al dat i cud 2 b in contact wid her......but sumhow d contact ws broken....
but main har maanne walon mein se nahi thi....i cald on her landline....uska no. change ho gya ws nw a STD/PCO no.....i ws lyk...wat shud i do now.....atlast i dun how wat wen....d person workin der...i mean on dat STD/PCO...askd me whose no i want...i tld dem...he knw d no...(MIRACLE) finally i managd 2 get ma bestii z no. 4m STD/PCO person......(luckily)..i remember wen i ws talkin 2 her after such along tym,i broke into tears...n my sis ws laughin on ma silly behaviour n i evn remember she gvn me ma towl to wipe f ma tears...i mean d moment ws rely gud...i ws vry happy.......cnt express...
after dis incident i din take a chance 2 lose her again....though we ver in diff skoolz.......we managd 2 keep ma bestii feelin alive....
n now she is in ma college....we r 2gether again....:).......a tym 2 cherish all r kiddy thingz......
dis vry relationship f mine hs made b believe dat sum relationz r rely made in heaven...n it may nt b only bout cn also b a pure n lovely relation lyk r z ....
luvya loads bestii....


back wid a bang..!!

hey guyz m back....yes m back n dis tym wid a bang....m here again to reveal d deep dark secrets...m stupid,silly,useless stuff....n ofcourse ma emotional touch...d essence f ma lyf....n nt 2 forget ma poems,shayari...n all dat emo stuff....
last wen i ws into blogging i usually wrote bout ma luv lyf wich created problemz n unfortunately i had 2 stop blogging....d thing wich din want 2 bt had 2...
wen situation got out f control i had 2 do dat...n 2 add spice in dat wen i askd ma frnd 2 delete ma blogger account(as ma internet had sum prob n i din hd access 2 it)...she deleted it along wid ma gmail account...huh...silly she...watever...thank god dat time ws nt dat i made a new account:) dat things have seetled down....i could not resist myself 4m getting into dis blogger stuff again....where i could jot down all ma hearty things wich oderwise remain inside me...causin no gud 2 me but yea bad...frustation...irritation...all d m here again....
things have changed alot since den....lemme recaptulate dem.....together wid all new stuff.......i'll rock dis blog.....!!!